Where to buy Pokie Machines

Pokie MachinesOne way that you could get your Pokie game playing entertainment but without you always have to pay to play them is by actually buying a Pokie machine in fact many people have a Pokie machine in their lounge, garage or even in their bedroom.

If you do fancy owning your own Pokie machine then this article will be of interest to you as we will highlight the many different ways that you can purchase one of them and we will also give you some pointers in regards to which one will be a good one to buy.

However, be aware that whilst some gaming laws will stipulate that whilst you can own a Pokie machine and keep it in your home, you must not at any point in time make that machine available to the general public.

If you do decide to purchase a Pokie machine then that machine must be for your own personal entertainment only, however if you do want to feed coins and notes into it instead of having it switch to a free play option, it will be a great way for you to save up money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find many questions and their associated answers in regards to you buying a Pokie machine for your own home, read on for an explanation and an insight how you can go about doing so and where it is possible to buy a second hand Pokie machine.

  1. Where can I buy a Pokie Machine?

    There are many places that you will be able to buy your very own pokie machine, one place to checkout is eBay or any similar online auction or marketplace. You will often find that companies who supply Pokie machines to pubs and club and other licensed premises will always have a range of second hand machines that they will be looking to sell on!

    However, please always be aware that if you do decide to purchase a pokie machine you will have to think about how you will then be able to ship that pokie machine from the person you are buying it off to your own home!

    Many companies who sell second hand Pokie machines will offer a delivery service often for a small nominal fee, however if you are buying it from some other replaces you may have to pick up the machine yourself or arrange for a delivery service to go and pick but up and deliver it to you and the cost you will be charged for that will vary from company to company.

  2. How much will a Pokie machine cost?

    The one thing you will soon discover when you go hunting around for a pokie machine to buy is that they will all come with a different price tag! The brand new or very recently launched Pokie games will be very expensive to buy, however you will find that the older the pokie machine then the less it is likely to cost to buy.

    In fact even pokie machines that are only a few years old will be very low prices machines to buy so you could pick up a Pokie machine which is just a few years old for around the $100 mark, however prices will vary depending who is selling it.

  3. Do Pokie machines use a lot of electricity?

    You will be surprised at just how little electricity a Pokie machine will use, and as such do not be afraid of buying one of them if you think they are going to massively increase your electricity bill as that will not be the case and they are in fact very cost effective devices which use only a small amount of electricity.

  4. What are the best Pokie machines to buy?

    You should try and pick a Pokie machine that has a range of different features or bonus games that you like playing off yourself. But if you are looking for a very basic type of pokie machine then simply pick one which has been designed as a three reel Pokie machine.

    When you buy a Pokie off a company you will often find the website of that company will have a list of the available pokie machines they are selling off so that would be a good place to see what pokies you can buy and then do your necessary online research to see just what each pokie games have on offer by way of bonus games and bonus features!

  5. Do I have to pay tax when playing with my own money?

    You are not going to have to pay any taxes if you have a pokie machine in your own home and it is just you who will be playing that machine. You will of course be supplied with a set of keys for your Pokie machine when you first purchase it and it would be a good idea to keep the doors on the machine locked!

    You can then feed in your own money and play the Pokie machine and any winnings you achieve are of course yours anyway! However, it would be a great way of using a pokie machine as an all singing an all dancing and very unique piggy box!

  6. Will I need a license to have a pokie machine?

    You are not going to need any special licenses or permits to have a pokie machine in your own home, but you will be required to make sure that no one other than yourself or your family members have access to that machine as if you let general members of the public play that machine for real money then you will be operating that machine illegally.

    However, as the machine is going to be in your own home you will of course be able to pick and choose who plays it and when, and if in any double simply turn the machine off if you have lots of friends around for whatever reason!