Pokie Reel Symbols

Pokie Reel SymbolsOne thing that will soon become apparent to you when you are playing some of the newer Pokie games is that not only are the base and bonus game features quite unique but also you are going to come across a very wide range of reel symbols on those pokie machines and many of these reel symbols have more than one use!

Take for example the wild symbols you will find on a very large number of pokie machines, once those symbols simply stood in for other symbols to help you complete winning combinations, however nowadays you will find wild symbols that can do a lot of other things when they spin in!

You will find scatter and bonus symbols attached to the reels of many online, mobile and land based pokie machines and when those symbols spin in they could award a cash payout and then they could also additionally award you with some form of extra bonus game or bonus feature!

You really are going to be amazed at just how many different types of reel symbols are in play on pokie machines and in this guide we shall let you know how many of them work and operate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed as many of the different types of pokie machine reel symbols as we can and you will find below details of how each of those very unique reel symbols work and operate, so read on and then look out for pokie games which have these types of reels symbols attached to them!

  1. What are wild symbols?

    EggOMatic Pokie Wild SymbolA wild symbol is simply one particular type of reel symbol that is going to stand in for the vast majority of other reel symbols found attached to any pokie machine. When those symbols spin in alongside matching symbols if they are all on payline and you have enough of them from reel one onwards then the wild symbol or symbols in that winning combination will help form and complete that winning combination.

  2. How do Scatter symbols work?

    Zombies Pokie Scatter SymbolScatter symbols are a very unique type of real symbol, for they will either award you with a winning payout when a certain number of them spin in or a bonus game can be awarded to you when a set number of them spin in. In fact many scatter symbols also award both a payout and trigger a bonus game!

    However, unlike standard reel symbols you will discover that scatter symbols do not have to form on any activate payline to award a payout or trigger a bonus game as long as you get the required number of them spinning in as listed don’t he pay table then that is all that is required to get a winning payout or a bonus game triggering!

  3. What are bonus reel symbols?

    Many video Pokie games have a set of bonus game awarding reel symbols on the reels of those games, but to trigger those bonus games you will find those bonus symbols have to spin in a certain way.

    You may find bonus symbols will only trigger a feature round when you get enough of them lining up on an activated payline form the first reel and then on consecutive reels. However, some Pokie have bonus symbols on selected reels only and all of them have to spin in on each of those reels to trigger a bonus game.

  4. What are Progressive Jackpot awarding reel symbols?

    If you choose to play a Pokie machine on which a progressive jackpot can be spin in then you will find that there will be some special reel symbols known the jackpot paying ones attached to all of the reels o that slot.

    Usually when playing the vast majority of progressive jackpot paying Pokie machines you will find those jackpot symbols will only award you with the progressive jackpot if they line up on the highest numbered payline or you have put into play maximum coin spins on the base game.

    A fixed coin jackpot is usually offered on Pokie games to players who either play fewer than the maximum number of coins per payline or who line up the jackpots on any other payline other than the highest numbered one.

  5. What are random reel symbols

    Some pokie games have a set of randomly warded reel symbols which can as the name suggests suddenly attached themselves to the reel positions. Those types of symbols can be bonus scatter or even wild symbols and they will usually attached themselves to the reel of a Pokie once you either send the reels spinning or once all of the reels on that game has come to a stop!

  6. Can I pick my own reel symbols?

    If you want to be able to attached your own unique set of reels symbols to a pokie machine then you will need to play the My Slot pokie machine which is found in the gaming suite of Microgaming powered online casino sites.

    For when you choose to play that particular Pokie before you send the game into live play it will allow you to upload any photos or pictures that you want attaching to each of the reels as symbols, and it will also allow you to set your own music tracks which will play out in the background as you are playing the Pokie game!

  7. What are Expanding reel symbols?

    One type of additional wild symbol that is found on more and more of the newer pokie machines are what are known as expanding wild reel symbols. When you spin in one of those reels symbols on any of the reels they are attached to them the symbols will grow in size.

    In fact the reel symbols will grow in size in such a way that all of the reel symbols on the reel that it has spun in on will be covered in whilst symbols, so the more of them that spin in the much better your chances will be of course multiple winning combinations!