How to Play Pokies

pokiesIf you are interested in playing pokie games for the very first time then please read through the following pokie guide for we have put it together to enable anyone, in a matter of minutes to discover just how to play many of the thousands of different types and categories of pokie machines you will always readily come across when you choose to play them online.

As soon as you have mastered the way Pokie machine play and pay and how to send the reels into live play and also have an idea of how to play off any bonus game features or bonus rounds that can be triggered you will then have hours of fun when playing pokie machines online for free or for real money!

Launching a Pokie Game

When logged into a Pokie site or an online casino the first thing you will need to do is to select the Pokie game menu, once this loads you are then going to find a range of different categories of pokie machines.

By clicking on one of those categories that interest you then you will find a listing of the pokie machines which have been designed in that category that are available at the site you are playing at, simply click your mouse over the Pokie which interests you and the Pokie game will then launch.

Many video pokie games will have a short animated clip of the game when you launch them, this will be an introduction to the pokie game and will often highlight the main features of that Pokie machine, you can opt to turn off those intro clips in the general game play settings.

Staking Each Spin

When you have launched your chosen Pokie machine you then have to select the stake you wish to play it for. At the bottom of the Pokie game screen you will find a control panel, and that is where you will be able to configure the Pokie game to play out in a way and for a stake you wish to play it for.

The first thing you should do is to select the number of paylines you wish to play, if that Pokie machine has optional pay lines. You can click on the plus and minus buttons either side of the payline button and by doing so you can then increase or decrease the number of paylines you put into play.

Next you will need to pick a coin value, this is done in much the same way as when you select the paylines and you must therefore click on the plus or minus button either side of the coin button, the usual minimum stake option is 0.01, however the maximum coin value will be much high and will vary depending on just which Pokie machine you choose to play.

Finally there may be an option for you to put into play more than one coin per payline per spins and once again you will have to configure the number of coins you put into play.

Sending the Reels Spinning

There is in fact going to be two different ways that you can send the reels spinning on any Pokie machine, however the first thing you should always do before you click on the spin button to send the reels spinning in to configure the stake amount as per the above section of this how to play Pokie guide.

By clicking on the spin bottom the Pokie machine will then play in the way and for the stake valued you selected. However, be aware that most if not all pokie machines you will come across will also have a max bet spin.

By clicking on that button the Pokie game will be sent into live play but with the maximum paylines and the maximum number of coins on your chosen denomination, so only click that button if you want to put into play the maximum stake on each spin you then choose to play off!

Using the Auto Play Feature

Many pokie machines will have an auto play feature and that is a way of you being able to configure the pokie machine to play itself automatically without any interaction form you as a player. You ill first need to click on the auto play button and then a range of options will become available to you.

The more advanced auto play options found on many online Pokie machines will of course let out choose how many spins you wish to play off automatically and the number and coins and paylines you will have in play on each spin played off automatically.

However, some auto play options will also let you choose when the auto play will turn off should other things happen when you are using that feature before the select numb of spins are played off. You can configure the auto play to turn off before your selected number of spins is played off when a jackpot is spun in or when one of the bonus game son that Pokie machine have been triggered and awarded to you!

Playing off Bonus Games and bonus Features

One final thing you will need to be aware of is playing off bonus games, as many Pokie machines will have some kind of bonus game attached to them.

When you have spun in a set of bonus or scatter symbols and a set of free spins have been awarded to you then you will often need to click on the start the free spins button to send those free spins playing off.

However, if you are awarded for example a pick to win or a pick to match bonus game then you will need to point your mouse at a range of symbols displayed on the bonus game screen and click on them one at a time to reveal what is hiding underneath the position on the bonus game screen you pick.

If you are in any doubt as to how a pokie machine works and play then you can click on the pay table button at any time for an overview of how the bonus games are designed and a listing of all of the Pokie machines winning combinations.