How Pokies Work

how pokies workPokie machines are both fun to play and exciting gaming machines, for each one you will come across in any playing environment is going to give you the chance of winning and with many Pokie machines have bonus games and bonus features you will be able to trigger those bonus games and features as you play them and could win some sizable amounts of cash when doing so.

However, if you are a first time Pokie player and have no understanding how a Pokie game works and operates then please do keep on rereading for this Pokie playing guide is going to enlighten you on all that there is to know in regards to how Pokie machines of every description work.

There are of course lots of laws and regulations in place in regards to what Pokie machines can and cannot do, and we will take a look at some of those laws and will let you know which are the best Pokie games to track down and.

Be aware that in Australia you will need to be over the age of 18 to be able to legally play Pokie machines in any venue that has them available.

Questions and Answers

Let us know highly lots of questions that first time Pokie players often ask regarding just how Pokie machines work, play and operate, please do read through the following section if you have never played these type of gaming machines before as you will discover quite a lot of things you didn’t know about them when you do so!

  1. How do Pokie games decide who wins?

    One question which is often asked by Pokie players is how does the Pokie machines they are playing decide who is going to win and who is going to lose! Every Pokie machines has a random number generator and it is that device that will ultimately determine if any spin you play off is going to be a winning spins or a losing one.

    It is at the point in time when you click on the spin button that the pokie machine will then decide via the random number generator if that spin is to be a winning one and if so you will then spin in a set of winning combinations on the paylines or if the spin will result in a losing spin.

  2. Are progressive jackpots won regular?

    One aspect to playing a Pokie machine on which you can win a large progressive jackpot that will often cause a player to ask many questions is just how often are those progressive jackpots won by players.

    As mentioned above there is a random number generator in play on all pokie machines and t the end of the day it is that device that will decide who will win a progressive jackpot and when they will win it.

    Be aware that if you play Pokie machines with more than one progressive jackpot then those pokie machines are going to award the much smaller valued progressive jackpots much more regularly that their highest valued ones, but all of them can be won by any player at any time.

  3. Why do Pokie games have different stake options?

    The vast majority of pokie machines that you are going to come across and will be able to readily play will have been designed to allow players to choose the stakes at which they play those pokie machines for.

    The main reason that a pokie machine manufacturers will make a pokie machine one which offers players lots of different staking options is to ensure that all players, no matter how much they have available to play those pokie machines for will be able to configure them to play but at a stake level that players can afford to play them for.

    So both very low stake players and high rolling Pokie players are always going to be able to find more than enough pokie games that they can comfortably afford to play no matter where they choose to play them!

  4. Why do pokie games have different bonus games?

    The main reason that all pokie games will have some form of unique bonus games or bonus features is to keep player splaying those pokie machines in the hope they will then trigger the bonus games and bonus features!

    You will find that when playing most Pokie machine you could end up triggering and being awarded things such as a free set of spins a wheel spinning bonus game or a pick to win or pick and match type of bonus game and when playing them off you could win some large amounts of cash!

  5. Are there ways to play pokies to increase my winning chances?

    You will find that there are often a few little ways that you can play some Pokie games which will give you a slight increase in your chance of them spinning in a winning combination or there will be certain ways of playing pokie machines that will ensure you never miss out on any spun in winning combination.

    If you are for example playing progressive pokie machine then you should always structure each spin in such a way that you have the progressive jackpot in live play as often the progressive jackpot part of the pokie will not be activated if you do not play maximum coins or maximum paylines pins.

    Also if you choose to play for example video Pokie machines on which you can trigger a bonus game by lining up a set of bonus symbols on an activated payline then there is one very important way of playing those pokie machines which will allow you to have the maximum chance of actually triggering that bonus game.

    To have the maximum numb of chance of triggering those bonus games you must always play the maximum number of payline on offer for if you play just one payline on for example a 20 payline Pokie machine offering such a way of triggering its bonus game then you are twenty time less likely to trigger the bonus game than a maximum payline player will!