Fixed Odds Pokies

Fixed Odds PokiesIf you are looking for some very uniquely structured Pokie machines to play online then it may be worth your while checking out the range of what are known as fixed odds Pokie machines, for these games will offer you a completely unique playing format and one that you may actually quite like.

The fixed odds pokie games are not available in every online or mobile casino sites, but there are several sites which do have them available so you will always be able to track them down and play them if you do like what you are about to learn about the way these types of pokie machines play and pay.

When you choose to play a fixed odds pokie machine you will be faced with a decision before you set the reels spinning, and that decision will be which of the pay table listed winning payouts you wish o place a wager on.

What will happen is when you have placed an individual bet on any or as many of the possible winning combinations listed on the pay table, once you have clicked on the spin button one of those pay table listed winning combinations will be guaranteed to be spun in!

So when playing these pokie games each spin will result in a pay table listed winning combination spinning in but you will have had to have placed a wager on the one that spins in to receive your winning payout!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get an even better understanding as to how Pokie machines work and operate below you will find several questions about playing them along with the answers to those questions, so read on to find out more about how these pokie games play and pay.

  1. What can I win playing Fixed Odd Pokies?

    There is usually a maximum payout per spin of 200 times you wagered stake amount when you choose to play Fixed Odds Pokie games however be aware that you will have more chances of seeing the much lower valued winning combinations spinning in when playing these types of slots.

    However, as they are random you could see a large series of the highest paying winning combination spinning gin is quick succession so always think long and hard when deciding which winning combinations to place a bet on as at least one of them will be spun in!

  2. Can I bet on more than one winning combination?

    You can bet on as many of the winning combinations listed on the pay table as you like, however do be aware that if you were to place a wager on all of them then you will not end up making a profit over the long term!

    You can also place a wager of a different amount of each possible winning combination that can be spun in and to adjust the stakes on each one you select just select the plus and minus buttons located on the pay table to adjust the amount you wager on each of the combinations you do end up placing a wager on.

  3. Can anyone play real money pokies online?

    All Pokie sites will require you to be over the age of 18 to play the Pokie games on offer at their sites. Android free play or real money pokies are subject to that rule, so do not download or try and sign up to any Pokie site if you are under that age limit.

    Pokie sites need to verify your age and your identity and when you do play as a real money player those sites will require you to send in copies of your identification documents one of which must include proof of your address.

  4. Will Fixed Odds Pokies have high payout percentages?

    The one type of Fixed Odds Pokie that you will want to play is those on which a high payout percentage can be found. There are Fixed Odds pokies available that offer payout percentages of over 96%, however do be aware that the most common RTP of most Fixed Odds pokies are around the 92% to 96% range, but do have a look around as there will be plenty of high paying games on offer.

  5. Will I still get loyalty points when playing fixed odds pokies?

    Fixed Odds Pokie games when played for real money in a mobile or any online casino site will see you earning comp points in much the same way as you can do when playing at any land based casino site, and the more real money action you give any Fixed Odds pokies then the more comp points you will earn.

    Fixed Odds Pokie games can often be selected out as pokies on which additional comp points will be awarded to you when you play them at certain times, so do look out for Fixed Odds pokie machines that award an enhanced number of comp points when you play them!

  6. Are Fixed Odds Pokies used as Tournament Pokies?

    If you play Fixed Odds Pokies then many of the mobile casinos at which you play those games at are going to hold pokie tournaments. The usual type of pokie tournaments are those on which the players earning the most comp points over the time the tournament is available will win one of the cash prizes on offer, so do look out for them as it is a great way to win additional cash prizes from your real money Fixed Odds Pokie game playing.

  7. How can I get added playing value?

    Fixed Odds Pokie game playing will be much more value packed if you choose to make use of any of the bonus offers which are available to real money players of these types of pokies. The best type of Fixed Odds Pokie game bonus you can claim are re-load bonuses as they will help you get a much bigger bankroll and you will have more spins per session when you make use of them.