3 Reel Pokies

3 Reel PokieOne type of Pokie game you will never have any type of problem understand the playing structure of are 3 reel pokies. There are two main types of 3 reel pokies, the first are the classic versions of these game son which ones single payline can be found.

You will also come across several 3 reel pokies on which you will be able to play three or possible 5 lines per spin. The main different between a classic Pokie and the multi line 3 reel ones is that the single payline three reel Pokie will allow you to play more than one coin on that payline.

There will also often be an enhanced jackpot payout available when you either play the classic slots will the maximum number of coins in play on that payline or on the higher numbered paylines when you are playing a multi line version of those games.

So always check the pay table to find out if the jackpot has been boosted for maximum line or coin players and if it is then you could always play that Pokie in the way that will see you taking advantage of those enhanced boosted payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to any question that you may have regarding 3 reel Pokie games, then keep on reading for below are the most commonly asked questions about these types of gaming machine and the answers to each of those questions can of occurs be found below too!

  1. Can I play 3 reel pokies on mobile devices?

    You are not just going to find three reel pokies are on offer in land based casino and via an online casino gaming platform, for many different types of three reel Pokie machines can now be easily and instantly accessed on any type of mobile device!

  2. Can I trigger any bonus games?

    A high proportion of three reel pokies can have no bonus games on offer what so ever and as such you will never be able to trigger such a bonus game or bonus feature when playing them.

    However, from time to time you will come across a tiny number of three reel pokies machines which do offer some form of bonus game but those bonus games will be very basic in regard sot the way they operate.

    One of the most commonly awarded bonus game you will find attached to pokie machines are when spinning ones, and those bonus games will usually be triggered when you play those single line pokies with the maximum number of coins in play on the payline and then have spun in one or more of the bonus game awarding reel symbols on the pay line of those pokies!

  3. Do I get a fair chance of winning playing 3 Reel pokies?

    All 3 Reel Pokie games will use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin. That therefore means that over time when playing 3 Reel and Classic pokies those machines will pay out the amount they have been designed to return to players as per the payout percentage that they have been designed around.

  4. Will I get additional rewards for playing 3 reel pokies?

    3 reel Pokie games when played for real money in a mobile or online casino site will see you earning comp points in much the same way as you can do when playing at any land based casino site, and the more real money action you give any 3 Reel Pokie then the more comp points you will earn.

    3 Reel Pokie games can often be selected out as pokies on which additional comp points will be awarded to you when you play them at certain times, so do look out for 3 Reel pokies that award an enhanced number of comp points when you play them

  5. What 3 Reel Pokie Competitions are on offer?

    If you play 3 Reel pokie games then many of the casinos at which you play those games at are going to hold pokie tournaments. The usual type of pokie tournaments are those on which the players earning the most comp points over the time the tournament is available will win one of the cash prizes on offer, so do look out for them as it is a great way to win additional cash prizes from your real money 3 Reel Pokie game playing.

  6. Can I play 3 Reel Pokies if I am under 18?

    All online and mobile and land based sites will require you to be over the age of 18 to play the Pokie games on offer at their sites. All online free play or real money pokies are subject to that rule, so do not download or try and sign up to any Pokie site if you are under that age limit.

    Casino and Pokie sites need to verify your age and your identity and when you do play as one of their real money players those sites will require you to send in copies of your identification documents one of which must include proof of your address.

  7. When can I play new 3 Reel Pokies?

    3 Reel and Classic Pokie games are always being updated and often replaced with some brand new ones, however many online casino sites will have a range of new Pokie machines available every month. You will usually find that every four weeks two or three new Pokie game get launched on the most if not all online gaming platforms, so you will always have lots of new games to play when playing at any pokie site.

  8. What 3 Reel pokie will give me more chance of winning the jackpot?

    It is the Chief’s Magic pokie game which awards the most jackpots than any other video Pokie game. If you wish to play that particular pokie game then look of our the Microgaming software powered sites as that is where you will always be able to access and play that game, the number of times however that Pokie will award its jackpot will be determined by just how many players get stuck into playing it online!